• Beletage Neubaugasse
  • Furniture
  • Naked City
  • Casa Eisenstecken
  • Austrian Pavilion Expo2010
  • The talk draws upon his and his students' projects, which pride themselves in their rich architectural narrative, often humorous, at points obscure, but always highly contextual. Traditional craft and drawing is confronted with the latest advances in parametric modelling and rapid manufacture, biography collided with statistics, qualitative narrative analysis interpreted into algorithmically defined dependencies. Through fragmented looks at a wide range of topics and settings, architectural and narrative structures, systems and processes, he addresses a metaphorical potential of technology.

    Where to go?

    Architecture Lecture Hall, Dar Al-Handassah Building, Department of Architecture and Design

    Please note that entry to campus is only accessible by the Main Gate, Bliss Street

    Visit http://www.aub.edu.lb for more information on the event.

  • Generative Scripting
  • Draw like a builder
  • Glattalbahn Station
  • Kunsthistorisches Museum
  • Mechatronic
  • Hak/Hasch Innsbruck
  • Journey Zone
  • Swisscom@expo02
  • Scotland’s Home of Tomorrow
  • Groningen Automaton
  • CoughSneezeLaughBreathe
  • Alex Graef is a qualified and ARB registered architect, director of Alex Graef Associated Architects Ltd, unit leader of Diploma Studio 5 at London Southbank University and Visiting Professor at the American University Beirut. His work aims to create and exploit a symbiotic relationship between architectural practice, teaching and independent research. As a result, his work displays a collaborative ethos, strives for innovation or application of current technologies in design and production processes, and the pursuit of context and meaning in a world of constant technological innovation and specialisation.


    He practices from London and Vienna.